What Is

Type 1 Diabetes?


Type 1 Diabetes aka T1D or juvenile diabetes develops when the insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells are mistakenly destroyed by the body’s own immune system. T1D affects children and young adults, though people can be diagnosed at any age.

With a typically quick onset, T1D must be managed with the use of insulin—either via injection or insulin pump. It is a 24/7 condition that requires constant management and careful balancing of insulin intake with eating, exercise and other activities. It requires measurement of blood-sugar levels through finger pricks, often several times a day, or by wearing a continuous glucose monitor.

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Why we are doing this

Given the Hinduja Group’s long-standing strategic philanthropic investments in healthcare, which includes the P. D. Hinduja Hospital & Medical Research Centre, a diabetes program focused on T1D is an ideal 'champion cause' towards which the Group can direct funds and CSR activities.

The Hinduja Foundation’s T1D Program is composed of three main components:

Treatment support

T1D primarily affects children and young adults, who still have long, productive lives ahead of them. In many cases, the families of the patients are unable to afford the diagnostic and treatment expenses for this disease, hence exacerbating the morbidity and mortality.



The Hinduja Foundation will invest in various research projects in India and abroad, with an emphasis on those that combine cost-efficiency with the potential to make the greatest impact.


Education and Awareness

There exists enormous potential for upskilling and training healthcare professionals to fill the gap in the knowledge and management of T1D.


Club One KEM organises monthly runs to fight stigma against T1D

  • Monthly runs
  • Healthy catered meals with carbohydrate count guidance
  • Average Turnout - 50-100 people
  • The objective is to enjoy exercise as a community activity
  • Informal meet and greet of doctors, T1D and 2D patients and caregivers
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At Hinduja Foundation, we strive to create an impact on those lives that are generally forgotten. Our efforts are not just serving a purpose but also saving lives. Here's a first-hand account of inspiring stories we have been grateful to be a part of.


"For the past one year, the Hinduja Foundation has been supporting my treatment. I get all the medicines, strips, check-ups and even the sensor, free of cost. Thanks to the sensor, they can track my sugar levels regularly and this has helped in regulating my diet as well as my lifestyle. My family's financial condition is not good but this timely help has helped me continue my studies. Since I get free treatment, I can afford to buy school books and other educational material. I am grateful to the Hinduja Foundation."

Mrunalini Gund


"My son was one-and-a-half years old, he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. When I got the news the ground under my feet sank, as this is an expensive disease and we are quite poor. Then I came to know about the treatment at KEM Hospital. Today, my son gets treatment free of cost and we are regularly updated about his health status. I am grateful to the Hinduja Foundation for this noble and timely help."

Ganesh Ghule

Fact Check

Ayurveda and yoga cannot cure Type 1 diabetes. It is a controllable condition and one needs insulin to survive.

Did you know that Type 1 diabetes is not caused by one’s lifestyle choices?

Type 1 diabetes has no association with obesity. Anyone can develop it regardless of their body type.

Type 1 diabetes is not contagious but families with a history of autoimmune diseases may have more than one family member with this condition.